Ideal girl?

Such a subjective answer to a popular question.

        Everyone holds their "dream" partner to different standards. Depending on the person that comes along and their traits, they are even wiling to bend and mold those to better fit them.

        When it comes to my opinion on what this girl would have to be to capture me in totality, the list is quite extensive.

         Physically; I can’t pin point what it is exactly that attracts me about a girl’s appearance. It just has to please me, no further explanation. Generally I am attracted to emotionally detached women, it represents great strength. There is always a cause for such thing. Independence is a must, a girl that can hold her own and doesn’t need me for anything at all. There is absolutely nothing more attractive than that and… CONFIDENCE. Confidence is honestly the key to my heart, someone that walks and talks with such reassurance the whole room notices. Pride, on themselves, on their accomplishments, on having me by their side. She has to be respectful, towards herself and me. A girl that respects me won’t lie to me and will be faithful. 

           She has to be okay with my romantic gestures once my wall is down. I want a girl that can be sitting right next to me and is still feeling me in utter silence, doing her own thing as I do mine. Late night talks over tea… She has to let me admire her and compliment her mind. Over all, she has to promise to make love to me with growing passion every time she craves to be close to me. 

I want mind blowing insane love that never ends, my bones crave that passion, daily.